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World of Warcraft Classic Hype Exists



League of Legends Esports Drives Continued Interest in the Game

  • Despite holding the most dominant usage shares (42%), League of Legends continues to rise in average daily usage hours. League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) Summer was one of the most dramatic seasons in 2019. The top four teams had the same win/loss scores and one had nine consecutive wins after suffering a five-loss streak. 2019 LCK is the first season that Riot began to directly run the show, and Riot successfully managed streaming channels to increase viewership of the league.
  • Esports and Auto Chess (Teamfight Tactics) mode continues to drive overall awareness among gamers. Highlight clips are consistently getting 100k – 500k views on the YouTube channel and LCK’s official channel that was launched this year and already has 250,000 subscribers. On Twitch, League of Legends-related tournaments are generating viewership that is higher than all other esports in Korea combined.


Rainbow Six: Siege Continues to Rise

  • After first entering into the top 20 list in the last week of July, Rainbow Six: Siege climbed to the 15th spot this month with a 57% increase in average daily usage hours compared to last month. Rainbow Six: Siege was provided for free at PC cafés through Uplay with PC café benefits such as having all characters playable for free. Moreover, the strategic teamplay-oriented gameplay with short TTK (Time to Kill) appealed strongly to the competitive nature of many Korean gamers.


Lineage 2 Transitions into Freemium

  • Lineage 2 saw one of the biggest climbs with 51% in average daily usage hours, gaining it the 16th spot this month. The updates with the new class “Death Knight,” a new server, and additional content heavily affected the upward drive. Also, the decision to make a transition from a paid subscription model to freemium drew attention as it was one of the last subscription-based models in Korea.


Path of Exile Is Losing Its Fresh Charm

  • Path of Exile saw the biggest drop of 54% among the top 20 games this month as gamers began to finish going through the available content. Performance of RPG games generally depends on new updates and the amount of content offered. The first update scheduled to be on September 7th would determine whether the game can hold its ground on the top 20 list.


Lost Ark Sees an Uptick with New Class

  • Lost Ark dropped to the top 11th spot in July without any noticeable changes. With the new class “Assassin” introduced, the game saw a steady climb throughout August and came back to the 9th spot with a 39% increase in average daily usage hours.


World of Warcraft Classic Hype Exists, but It Is Not Enough

  • The launch of World of Warcraft Classic drove daily average usage hours to 36% but the game remained in the 13th spot. When the game was first launched, there were many posts on multiple communities of players lining up to work on quests or servers being constantly full. Some articles suggest that the hype is concentrated on lapsed or current users and did not appeal strongly to players without WoW


The Summer Season Ends for Maplestory

  • As the summer vacation period ends, Maplestory began to decline in usage hours. Similar to all other RPG games, Maplestory’s engagement at PC cafés depends heavily on the introduction of a new season or updates. Most players would return during the summer vacation season to go through the updates but then go back to other games.

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